Cheerleading! 09/23/2008

Okay so im pretty sure everyone knows what cheerleading is! If you dont you must live in a shell! Just just kidding!!  Well cheerleadig is a very tough sport! Have you ever landed on your head? Broke your ankle tumbling? Kicked in the face by a flyer? Dropped by your bases? Well none of these things are good! There are alot more things that can happen than just those few examples. If you are a cheerleader your are probably going to get hurt every practice. Thats just how it is...cheerleading is a tough sport!! Alot harder than throwing a football!!!

First Post! 09/09/2008

Politics!!     Okay so all you hear is obama or mcain.

Which one is going to be the best president?  Who knows..... but one thing you can do when you vote is think about the whole country and not just yourself. Your vote could determine who gets president! Dont just think of yourself, or what that person can do for you personally. The country is in everyones hands. Vote right. Vote fair!


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